Thursday, April 28, 2011


Create a dance combination made up of steps from class. This is not choreography. It is you putting steps together to form a combination. Videotape it on any source (phone, camera, videocam) and post it to your blog. Notate the combination along with the video.

 The combination starts in first position. Two plies in first one grand plie. Head tail side plie to right repeat to the left. Triplet forward turn over the right then triplet back to the front. Eight changements side jump to the right arms swing to the left stretch to the floor on back, pelvic thrust twice. Shoulder roll back step onto right leg kick and stretch left leg hold. Step up chasse forward to left jump fouette attitude right leg comes down roll to the floor and get up. Face left side fondu right leg bring it from front to back step forward. Turn to back side left leg fondus goes to the front and bring it back step forwards. Face to the right side right leg fondus from back stretch out and comes forward step forward. Face the front left leg fondus from back and stretches out to the front step forward. Run all the way around in a circle come to first changemet end in first releve and FINISH.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


*Discuss your accomplishments this semester, so far. Discuss obstacles and goals for summer/ fall. Where do you want to take dance? What do you see doing with this knowledge? What are your goals

 I think that i have accomplished a lot this semester. I have grown mentally, physically and emotionally in all ways of dance. I am able to be more focused in class by grasping the combinations well and fast. My goal for the summer is to keep active as much as possible, I do not want to put all the hard work to waste. to concentrate in everything relax and prepare myself for next semester. I hope to move in the technique levels because I believe that I am ready. Once I receive my A.A. degree in dance I would love to join some type of dance company so that I could put my skills to use and succeed more. Eventually, I would like to have my own dance studio for all ages to participate. With all types of different people in the world I would love to teach kids or all adults of any age. One day I will open up a studio available.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Blog # 8 – YOU PICK

*Find a dance photo, video or interview to critique based on technique knowledge that you have acquired this semester. Discuss using dance terms (spelled correctly)

 This combination uses various movements that I have recognized through out the semester. She picks a motif and continues to use and manipulate the movement. She seems very relaxed when she starts the movement and very light. Most of her weight is in the balls of her feet so that it is easier for her to rise and move. A lot of her movements seem abstract. She uses repetition in her combination showing the beginning  motif over again. She uses a lot of different pathways, trying to face different directions. I really like how she transitions into every movement, very soft and not taking any hesitation =. Her movements are sharp but not hard and it makes the combination look a lot cleaner. The combination overall had a lot of variety she had spun, jumped and shifted and the choreography.                    

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Where are you? How is your body? Mental and Physical health? Check in with yourself and discuss. How does this work towards/ against your technique?

In my state of mind I like to be as center and grounded as possible. My body right now is kind of sore, but stretching it as much as possible really helps me feel better. Mentally I feel as if I can progress more and work harder to make my body more in tuned with itself. Physically I feel like my body needs more of a challenge to further my skills and make me learn and do things that I haven't before. The more I think and push myself to do the movements the better I do them. For Example, when I learn a combination I make sure I go over it a lot, do the movements, say the movements and listen to the music it's being played too. I'm not sure if it's because I'm in left brain or not, but I'm more concentrated. It has begun to help me with my technique and make me a better dancer.

Saturday, March 12, 2011


*Find a Youtube video of a dance that shows attention to weight shift and explain how and why it is used. Post it t o your blog. Dissect the actions and figure out what makes it interesting to watch. What makes you see the shift of weight.

 This dance really shows the shift of weight in every movement that they do. You are really able to see how it helps them with jumping and getting into every one of there movements. There is a lot of partner work involved and you can tell how it helps them connect with each other. They really make sure that there body is grounded to the floor so that it is easier for them to move around and travel through space.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Blog #6 - CONCEPT

*Discuss one concept that you have learned over the past two weeks and apply to other dance movements. How is it similar to something else?

 One concept that I have learned is contraction and all the movements that go with it. Ive noticed that contracting in helps a lot when I am dancing. It is a lot easier to move around and utilize my space. Whenever head tail connection is needed in a combination contracting everything in really helps you make the connection. Using contraction in my stomach when I turn really helps me spin because I hold everything in and I bring everything up. Contracting in any way really helps me improve in my dancing. It also helps me be more put together and on top of my body. It also helps me a lot when I'm trying to do any type of jumping as well.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


*Read this article: Then, research a summer program of interest. Why is it somewhere you want to go? What makes it unique? EXTRA CREDIT: If you provide proof that you have applied to go. GET OUT OF TAMPA THIS SUMMER!

 I would really enjoy going to the Parsons summer intensive workshop. Ive never really looked into schools but this one really seemed to catch my eye. I feel now that I have become better dancing modern and I love to dance contemporary. I think going here would further my learning skills and progress me to be a better dancer. It also states that it has Contemporary, Ballet, Parsons Dance Repertory & Technique, Yoga and Pilates.  It definitely has a lot to offer which is easily a wide variety to choose from. I would like to take there summer program so that maybe one day I could be part of the company.